Software Developer @Freewebstore. Tries to PPC. 0x48 > 0xEB.

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Call Of Duty Wrapper in C#
Node Wrapper for the "private" Call Of Duty API.
JavaScript 118 33
This is a PoC on communication between a computer and a modified XBOX 360 over a TCP Socket.
Documentation for
HTML 0 1
Wrapper for the Call Of Duty API. Written for es6
JavaScript 1 2
Communicate with your modified Xbox 360 via sockets.
JavaScript 4 0
Veloniaâ„¢ - TU9, TU24, TU17 Cheats with TU7, TU11 and TU24 SP half completed.
Example Site for IL
Scrape all loaded JS files from &
TypeScript 6 0
Mass follow a profile with a list of accounts
JavaScript 1 0

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